Recruitment Process

Recruitment Authorization:
The recruitment company of Nepal applies in Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal for authorizationafter getting legal documents from the concerned employing company. The Department of Foreign Employment will grant the permission on being satisfied about the credibility of the demand; its terms and conditions offered and makes conformity with the Government regulations. The permission allows the recruitment company to advertise the demand in local and national newspapers and also allows starting the recruitment process.
Selection of Candidates:
The recruiting  company maintains  up-to-date bank of potential candidates with his full personal information of his skill, qualification, experience and other essential information. The advertisement of demand in the National News Papers and Television allows the candidates do free competition for the post. The recruiting company holds the Pre-scannaing of the candidates and fixes the date of the final interview. The final interview for pre-scanned candidates is conducted by the employer or his representative or the recurring company on employer behalf. The selection is made purely on merit basis and not on racial, secretarial or considered action. The company is confident that the personnel selected by the selection committee will fulfill the employers' need and earn reputation and appreciation from the employer.

Medical Check Up:
Only selected candidates will be sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for a full medical examination. The candidate, only who is fit medically and physically for employment will be eligible to sign the employment contract.

Issuance of Visa: 
The concerned abroad company applies for the visa on behalf of Radium International Employment Services and sends it back to our company.

Prior to the departure of workers, the orientation briefing is organized to make all workers fully aware of the employment country’s laws and orders, immigration policy and maintain understanding and cordiality among themselves and aims at the particular activity of the individuals. The orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guide-line in the field of their employment and direct them to maintain good circumstances and motivates them to their duties and responsibilities. The orientation classes are hold by the authorized departments under the permission of the Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal.

Permission from the DOFE, Nepal:

In order to recruit the Nepalese worker for the Foreign Employment, the Recruiting Agency of has to get the final permission from the Department of Foreign Employment under the legal provisions.

Traveling Arrangements: 
The air tickets can be provided either by PTA or local purchase to avoid delay. In all case, we sent all the Visa endorsements, passport to the concerned Airlines to confirm the schedule flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site. PTA may be sent to any Airlines operating from Kathmandu under intimation to us. The Company provides the Airport assistance in Nepal for departing candidates and informs the employer of their departure through fax, email or telephone 12 to 24 hours before the departure.