Recruitment: Terms & Conditions

For the recruitment procedures, the terms and conditions are based on the Foreign Employment Act of Nepal. They mainly focus for benefit, rights and the other privileges of the workers.
  1. The first party shall issue a demand letter to the second party mentioning the number of required workers, salary structure, food, accommodation, working hour and other benefits.
  2. Both parties herein shall obtain the approval of the respective Government to import, recruit and supply the workers as per the rules of the both countries. In case of any conflicts between government and the condition of contract, this deed of agreement shall be deemed as null and avoid.
  3. The first party shall provide with visa/NOC work permits of the workers from the government authority, together with other necessary relevant documents. In case of not issuance of visa due to any changes in government policies, the first party shall be responsible for the recruitment expenses.
  4. The earning of the workers per month shall be as per the attached demand letter shown against each category.
  5. The second party shall make sure that all the workers recommended for the first party are examined by an employer of the GCC. The candidates must possess a validity of visa of the concern country.
  6. The first party will be responsible for receiving the workers at the airport in part and as whole as per validity of visa of the concerned country.
  7. The second party is the supplier of the workers and will bear the responsibility for the recruitment of the workers from Nepal exactly as per trade or may invite the first party or its authorized representatives for recruitment of the workers with in the stipulated period and not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of the visa advice and other allied required documents.
  8. The first party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost of transport of death body to Nepal as per the Labor Law of country’s concerned.
  9. There will be three months probationary period for all the workers; after completion of this period, if any worker is found unfit or unsuitable for the specific job, the worker may be terminated and repatriated at his own cost and the cost will be borne by the second party.
  10. The workers will be interviewed, tested by representative of the employer.
  11. The second party shall assist the workers with free bachelor sharing accommodation, free food and other necessary amenities, including medical and insurance coverage.
  12. The first party agrees to enter into agreement with second party to supply Nepalese manpower of different categories such as skilled, semiskilled, and unskilled workers, the number and qualification in respect, thereof,  are be specified by the first party through task orders.
  13. The first party agrees to advise to the second Party of its personnel requirements from Nepal through any means of communications specifying personnel requirements, their respective job descriptions, salaries, other terms and conditions and the desired mobilization dated on the respective site.
  14. The second party shall be responsible for short of qualified candidates in conformity with the first party’s requirements notified under clause 2 above. The second party notifies the first party of such short-listed qualified candidates who are ready for final interview and selection. The first party has the right to either send his representatives or give the second party the right select process and send such qualified workers at the second party’s fully guarantee.
  15. Agency’s Fees: the first party shall not pay and charges or recruitment fees. The second party shall party the first party PTA Air Tickets for candidates who are repatriated before the three months probation period. The first party should pay the air ticket for the repatriation after completion of the original contract period.